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«What’s wrong with us?» (8 класс)

МБОУ “Гимназия №1»Открытый урок

на тему:

«What’s wrong with us?»

(8 класс)


                                               учитель английского языка

                                            Сёмина Елена Викторовна

г. Рузаевка

2014 год

Цели урока.           Формирование потребности и способности понимать чужие точки зрения на экологические проблемы. Расширение словарного запаса учащихся за счёт лексики, предназначенной для рецептивного овладения.

Задачи урока:

    1.  Формировать лексические навыки по данной теме.

    2.  Развивать умение вести дискуссию: выражать своё согласие и   

         несогласие, собственное мнение, находить положительные стороны и

         недостатки в предложениях оппонентов.

    3.  Способствовать расширению знаний и представлений учащихся о

         ценностных ориентирах современного общества.

Оснащение урока:

Учебник М.З. Биболетова, Н.Н. Трубанева , 8 класс. Карточки с заданиями. Урок проводится в компьютерном классе с использованием интерактивной доски.

Ход урока

I.   Организационный момент.


T:   Good morning! I’m glad to see you. Sit down. I see all are present today. It’s

       nice. Let’s begin our lesson.


II. Работа с классом.

T:   Listen to the song by the group “Linkin Park” and it will prompt you the theme of our lesson. (see the file The_human_impact_on_this_Earth_medium(1))


T:   I think you have already guessed that the theme of our lesson is “What’s wrong with us?”. It’s a very sad song. We continue speaking about our planet, the pollution of rivers, air and litter around us. The pollution is very dangerous for people. Please, look at the task and say what we, people, government, scientists should, could do if …


























    pay more attention to ecological problems


try to protect the planet


take care of the Earth


stop using aerosol sprays

stop local wars


get rid of the idea of star wars

do their best


take care of one another


























wanted (did not want)


intended (did not intended)




tried (did not try)




to live in peace.

to protect environment.

To keep the planet suitable for living.

to solve the problem of pollution.

  to protect the Earth from the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun.


to save endangered animals and plants.



P1:   We should pay more attention to ecological problems if we wanted to keep

         the planet suitable for living.


P2:   People could stop using aerosol sprays if they wanted to protect the Earth

         from the dangerous ultraviolet rays of the sun.


P3:   Politicians might stop local wars if they intended to live in peace.


P4:   Governments could do their best if they tried to protect the environment.


P5:   Scientists could take care of the Earth if they tried to solve the problem of




T:   Look at the picture. Name two most serious and crucial problems of our day.

      Who wants to be the first?


P1:   I think the most serious ecological problems are lack of recycling and littering

        the planet. Besides, we shouldn’t dump our rubbish without thinking which

       things, such as bottles and paper, can be recycled.


P2:   I think the most serious ecological problems are air and water pollution and

        dangerous technologies. In my opinion every day some plants and factories

        emit lots of harmful substances into the atmosphere. And industrial pollution

        has made the water in our river completely undrinkable. But people consume

       too much water so in the future we won’t have enough fresh water for



P3:  I think the most serious ecological problems are new local wars and drugs and

       spices. I want to say about war in the Ukraine. Our people want to live in

       peace and our governments try to resolve a conflict to provide security

       people in Donetsk and Lugansk. As for drugs and spices, a lot of students

        think that they are enough adults to try drugs. It’s very bad for their health.

       They become aggressive and violent.


P4:   I think the most serious ecological problems are dangerous diseases and

        endangered animals. Mankind began to build big cities and burn out forests.

        It was the reason of disappearing of many wild animals, fish and birds. I

        suppose today we are threatened by such incurable diseases as Aids,

        hepatitis and ebola. We should pay more attention to the health of younger

        generation because we are the basis of our future development.



III.   Выполнение  лексических  упражнений.


T:    Thank you, all of you are right. Let’s do another exercise.

       Match the words with opposite meanings.













T:   Thank you. Do the next exercise.

       Fill in the gaps using word combinations from the box with the right  

       grammatical form.

       Endangered animals, to be responsible for, to be out of danger, to throw    

       away, to be in danger, to be tired of, to be famous for, to throw at.


1.    The whole village … when the earthquake started.

2.    This packaging company… using environmentally friendly materials.

3.    After evacuation from their village everyone… when the volcano erupted.

4.    Mike tried to score by  … the ball… the basket.

5.    Due to high sea pollution whales have became…. .

6.    Our wonderful and beautiful Nature…being polluted and treated badly.

7.    We mustn’t …. Things which can be used again or recycled.

8.    Everyone in the world …what people have done to the environment and must  

       take immediate action.


IV.  Физкультминутка.


T:   Let’s have a rest and do exercises. Put your eyes up and down, up and down,  

       to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right. Put your head up and down,  

       up and down, to the left, to the right, to the left, to the right and around you.


V.  Работа в группах.


T:   Work in a group of about five persons. What is your opinion about the

      ecological situation in our town? Your group is pros and your group is cons. I

      give a minute to think.


                     Pros                                                                Cons

1. However we can do smth to decrease the level of harmful substances in the air,eg, car owners should install special filters on their cars.

2. I don’t think so. We can also improve the quality of water in our river by installing different purifying systems.


3. I can’t  agree with you because we have lots of water underground. We can recycle rain water and use it to water plants or for washing.



4. I can see what you mean but the reason is that there aren’t enough litter bins in public places. If there were litter bins, our town would be much cleaner.

1. In my opinion our town is in a sorry state,eg air pollution. A great increase in the use of private cars has caused air pollution.


2. The most serious problem is industrial pollution that has made the water in our river undrinkable and thousands of fish die every year.

3.I can add that another problem is that people consume too much water so in future we won’t have enough fresh water for everybody.



4. And what about rubbish? Don’t you think that our town is slowly turning into a big landfill site? There is loads of litter everywhere. People throw it on the ground instead of putting it into a litter bin.

T:    And what should we do to resolve this problem?

P1:  First of all, we must keep our town clean. That means, we mustn’t drop litter

        in public places.

P2:  Of course we mustn’t draw or paint on pavements, walls and trees.

P3:  Besides, we can help to plant trees, clean rivers and create footpaths.

P4:  But first of all, we must change our attitude towards the environment.

T:    I agree with you.

 VI.  Аудирование.

T:   Now you will see a video. Listen very attentively and then answer the

      questions. (see the file Scholar_Spotlight_Thabit_Pulak_medium(2))

1.   What did Thabit Pulak invent?

2.   What material did it contain from?

3.   What desease would decrease if arsenic was reduced?

VII. Домашняя работа.

Ex.34, p.49.

T:  Thank you very much for the lesson. Your marks are excellent. The lesson is  over. Goodbye.


Источник: http://www.youtube.com/
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