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Здоровый образ жизни. Что это?
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Методическая разработка урока
Тема урока: “Здоровый образ жизни. Что это…? ” 7 класс

Ход урока
Фаза 1 «Начало образовательного мероприятия»

1.1 Организационный момент (Слайд 1)
T: – Good morning, everybody! We are very glad to see our students and their parents at today’s lesson. We are hope you are fine today.
1.2 Инициация (Метод создания проблемной ситуации)

T: –Please, look at the screen. Read the sayings and tell me the theme of our lesson. (Слайд 2)
• Health plays a significant role in human life.
• Our lifestyle.
• Health is a gift of fate.
• Wellness lifestyle.

T: – Yes, you are right. Today we’ll discuss what helps us to be fit, healthy and strong. And the theme of our lesson is « Wellness Lifestyle: what is it». We are going to tell about Wellness Lifestyle and why it is so important for you. You will know something interesting and new for you. I hope that our co-operation will be important and useful for you and for me. You see that your health is in your own hands. Thousands years ago ancient Greeks said: «The first wealth is health. Health is the «best wealth»

1.3 Формирование ожиданий обучающихся (Метод выяснения ожиданий и опасений)
T: – Take the "apples" and write what you expect from a lesson today, what are your expectations. We ask parents to write down their expectations too. Please, hang apples on an apple tree.
1.4 Фонетическая зарядка.
T: -There are exercises that are useful not only for your body but also for your tongue. Now, look at the screen. There is a tongue twister which consists of two proverbs. Listen and repeat after me. (Слайд 3)
T.: Thank you. Now, let’s read these twisters all together. Now the whole tongue twister
1.5 Речевая зарядка: (Слайд 4)
T.:- Look at the screen.
Agree or disagree with the statements.

Фаза 2 «Работа над темой»
2.1 Проработка содержания темы (групповая работа)
T.: By the way, what words can you use speaking about health?
Look at the blackboard. We are going to complete the «Flower of health». You should write down the words which you connect with the word health on the petals. You will work in groups.
2.2. Активизация лексики, работа со словом “Wellness”
T.:- And what does the word «wellness» mean for you? You can work in pairs or individually.
Pupils: Wellness is a particular way to live and to be happy
Обучающиеся предлагают свои варианты понятия «здоровый образ жизни».
Teacher:- What spheres of human life does wellness deal with?
Pupils: It deals with different spheres of man’s life. It comprises physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social dimensions. (Слайд 5,6)
2.3 Эмоциональная разрядка.
T.: I see you are tired. Let’s relax.
2.4. Интерактивная лекция.
Teacher: -Wellness deals with the lifestyle of people populating the Earth. It’s a global characteristic. Why do people of different countries demonstrate their great interest to wellness lifestyle?
irrespective of the place of their living people want to be healthy and happy;
many people come to understand that they can control their lifestyle and much depends on themselves;
social changes take place in the countries and they reflect the interest of people to their lifestyle;
there is scientific evidence which explains the risks of alcohol and drugs, the benefits of exercising, playing sports and healthy food;
new athletic facilities.
Teacher: Please, listen to Ilya who tells us what wellness depends on.
Pupil: The quality of life can be presented in the form of a geometrical figure, i.e. in the form of a circle divided into segments. Look:
1: Genes and Body Makeup (16%) are what we inherit from our parents.
2: Environment (21%) is what surrounds us (Me + family, community, nation).
3: Health Care System (10%) is what helps us improve health (Me + doctor and hospital).
4: Lifestyle (53%) is the number of things I can do for myself (Things I can do for myself).
The 4th factor is lifestyle which takes the greatest part of the circle. I think it shows that individual choices are more important than any other factor influencing personal health.

T: Can you draw this scheme? Please, try to do it in your groups.
And let`s compare what you have done. (обучающиеся представляют свои схемы – вывешивают их на доску)
Look at the schemes and say when a person can reach harmony. What ingredients make up each segment, and how much they take in the circle. Each of us has his or her own comprehension of a quality life. What ingredients make up a quality life and influence our health and mood?
Pupils` answers:
• This scheme proves that lifestyle depends on a person to greater extent;
• I think that, if all factors are balanced, a person can reach harmony
• Having positive self-image;
• Getting along with people;
• Setting and reaching goals;
• Planning my time and day;
• Exercising and sport activities;
• Choosing healthy nutrition for good health;
• Participating in lifetime activities according to my inclinations and likings;
• Learning about harmful effect of drugs, alcohol, tobacco
Графическое изображение многозначного слова “Wellness”.
Teacher: -Will you make your drawings to depict possible integration of all dimensions (characteristics) and say under what conditions “Wellness” can exist. Please, work in groups.
Каждая группа учащихся участвует в выполнении этого задания и предлагает свое графическое изображение понятия “здоровый образ жизни”. Учащиеся формулируют, при каких условиях образ жизни можно назвать здоровым.
Conclusion: (Слайд 7)
Wellness exists when there is a balance between interdependent relationship of physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, social dimensions.
Match the word with its definition: (Слайд 8)
• physical health
• mental health
• social health
Teacher:- In the past being healthy meant not to be sick. Today people are becoming aware of a more complete idea of health. Will you match the definitions and the words characterizing types of health. Can we say that two words “health” and “wellness” are synonyms?
Pupils: In a way, yes, but “Wellness” has a wider range of meanings. It includes the idea of health and well-being.

2.5. Проработка содержания темы «Интервью».
T: I think you will agree with me if a person wants to be healthy he should have health habits.
I suppose it will be interesting to to ask your parents about their health habits. Decide who of you will be translator (they have to help the parents with English) and who is going to be a questioner. Take your question lists and find out the habits of your parents.
After that the captains of your groups combine the facts and make a report.
P.: According to a survey our parents of our form do not take care about their health. The majorities of them skip breakfast. Skipping breakfast is bad for people; is it easy for one pupil to get up early; Majority of parents has chaotic lifestyle; but there is a good thing. And the most part of them do not do morning exercising.
According to a survey our parents do not take care about their health.
_ 9 people skip breakfast; _15 people do not do morning exercising; is it difficult for_13 people to get up early; Majority of them have chaotic lifestyle. And our parents do not take care about their health. Sometimes they can not be an example for their children.

Фаза 3 «Завершение образовательного мероприятия»

3.1 Объяснение домашнего задания
So, today we have spoken much about Wellness Lifestyle and why it is so important. At home I ask you to make your own cinquain about wellness. If you forget what it is, I'll remind you.
Синквейн: (Слайд 10)
3.2 Подведение итогов (метод светофор)
T.: What have you learnt today?
So, you see our Lifestyle depends on us. We should care about our health. I wish you to be healthy! Thank you for your work. Our lesson is over. I wish you good health and happiness. Good bye!
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