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Музыкальный фон. Один ученик читает стихотворение "Hug the Earth
P: Walking along feeling free
feeling the earth here with me
And l love her she loves me
I hug the Earth the Earth hugs me
She,s our friend,
We,d like to be together forever.
The earth is a garden.
It,s a beautiful place.
For all the human race.
Helping Mother Earth
Wе can peacefully roam.
Wе all deserve a place
We can call our home.
Вступительное слово учителя:
T: Comrades we have our conclusion lesson on the topic "Environmental Protection". We shall discuss many problems connected with our- topic. With the help of the film you will exchange your opinions about this global problem, how to protect our Earth, how to prevent further pollution of the atmosphere, what urgent and. necessary measures to undertake. Now watch the film about ecology, please.
Фильм был снят учеником 10 класса по просьбе учителя. Продолжительность фильма 2 минуты. Он называется "Экология нашего села".
T: Well children. Now let's discuss the problems are risen in this film. You must be active in the discussion. Who wants to be the first?
P: I want to be the first. This film impressed me greatly I am upset because dust now we saw many polluted parts of our region. T: Who would like to discuss it?
P: For a long time too little attention was paid to the environment. Today the situation is quite different. People all over the world are worried about what is happening to the environment because of modern industry and need for more energy.
Newspapers and magazines write about water pollution, and soil pollution, and soil pollution. People have been polluting the world around them for thousands and. thousands of years.
But in the past there were so many people and. toils of room in the world, so they could go to another place when their settlements became dirty. Now many parts of the world are over¬crowded, people live in big cities.
T: What other problems would you like to be discussed?
P: People of the whole world must take urgent measures to protect the environment from further pollution of the soil water, air. The Earth is our home. Lie must take care of it. The impotence of this task is pointed out by the ecologists and scientists who study the relations between things and their environment. Each of us must do everything possible to keep the land, air and water clean. Of course
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