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“What do you know about an American cinema?”
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1. Учить строить аргументированное высказывание.
2. Формировать и развивать навыки говорения, аудирования.
1. Развивать языковую догадку.
2. Развивать способности к логическому изложению, умения общаться минимумом языковых и речевых средств для решения коммуникативных задач, развивать умения участвовать в коллективных формах общения.
1. Учить критически относиться к телевизионным программам.
2. Учить вести дискуссию и расширять кругозор.

Учебные пособия: компьютеры, проектор, презентации, тесты.

Ход урока.
I. Организационный момент.
Teacher: - Good morning, my friends. Sit down, please! I am glad to see you! How are you? How did you spend yesterday evening? Did you watch TV? What film did you watch yesterday? What is your opinion? (Pupils’ answers.)
P1 – I watched the action film “Blood Rain”. I advise you to watch it.
P2 - Really? Thank you for the brilliant idea. You are absolutely crazy about action films.
P3 - Yesterday I watched the film “Star Wars“. It was directed by John Lucas. It is magnificent and touching.
P4 - As for me, I watch the film “The attack”. Thrillers are totally astonishing.
I can’t understand people who don’t like thrillers .

II. Film genres.
Teacher: Look at the screen (slide). Let’s do the task: match the pictures with the film genres:
a) a historical film (3);
b) a western (4);
c) a melodrama (6);
d) a musical (5);
e) a comedy (1);
f) a horror film (2).

Teacher: - Film making industry developed rapidly and the number of genres of films grew constantly. What genres do you know?
Historical films
Action films
Love stories
Adventure films
Documentary films
Horror films
Teacher: So, we see that there are different genres of films, people like various genres. What do you think about films of different genres?
P1 – Westerns are pretty good.
P2 – Actions films are bad.
P3 – Comedies are extremely fantastic.
P4 – Horror films are absolutely awful.
P5 – Thrillers are totally astonishing.
P1 – Melodramas are really great.
P2 – Documentaries are very good.
P3 – Cartoons are really interesting.
P3 – Musicals are absolutely magnificent.

III. Диалог.
Teacher: You know that a lot of teenagers and adults like to watch action films. And what do you think about action films?
Примерные ответы учащихся:
P1 – Action films? What a bore! Criminals, shooting, explosions. Nothing else.
P2 – You are right. But on the other side I think that such films have the right to exist. They have some positive feature. They are dynamic, dramatic and full of special effects.
P3 – Are you kidding? But they are unrealistic. I can’t believe one man can win over the Mafia.
P4 – Some people watch action films to cool off. But I think there are better ways to cool off. But I consider it is up to you to decide to watch the film or not.
P5 –I do love action films. They are really exciting. They demonstrate the physical abilities of man. I can’t understand people who don’t like action films.
P6 – I agree with you. Action films teach people to defend justice and to be strong and brave.
P7 – You are right. But action films are very dangerous for children.
P1 – I think it is awful. When teenagers watch too much violence they become cruel.
P2 – If you ask me, there is too much violence in films. Killing seems normal now. What can such films teach us? Nothing good.
P3 – And you? What kind of film do you like to watch?
P4 – As for me, I adore films about love. They are really exciting.
P5 – I can’t stand films about love. They are not very interesting.
P6 – Well, tastes differ.

IV. Презентации.
Teacher: I am sorry. We have no time to discuss about action films. Today we are going to speak about an American cinematography and then we are going to prepare for the exam.
Last week I asked your classmates to prepare presentations about an American cinematography. Cinema and TV films have become an impotent part of our lives. But not everyone knows when and how cinematography appeared. Alla and her friends want to show their presentations. Are you ready? Let’s start.

Presentation 1 ”The world cinema empire and film companies“.
P1 – I want to tell you about the world cinema empire and famous film companies. The 20th century may be called the century of film making. Cinema and TV films become an important part of our lives. But not everyone knows when and where cinematography appeared.
Although the greatest cinema empire is Hollywood, the inventers of the cinema were French, not Americans. The Lumiere brothers invented the first film projector and motion picture camera in 1895. That year on the 28-th of December they demonstrated the first three minutes film “Arrival of the train”. In that film a train came towards the camera. People ran out of the cinema, thinking it was a real train. The development of cinematography brought to life the world cinema empire called HOLLYWOOD.
One day in 1908 a group of people from Chicago came to Los Angeles to shoot a film. Since that day a lot of directors, producers, actors and thousand of other workers have been coming to Los Angeles. In 1911 the first studio appeared in Hollywood.
In the 1920s Hollywood made 80% of the world’s films. Silent and black and white films of those early years starring Mary Pickford and Charlie Chaplin were forced out by sound films in the middle of the 1920s. Full-length films came up to take place of short films. And the first colour film “Gone with the wind” was shot in 1939. This film brought a great success to Vivien Leigh and Clack Gable who starred in the film.
The first genres of American films were melodrama, western and comedy, later appeared adventure and historical films. But now the range of genres is much richer. Hollywood got the name of the factory of dreams. It is associated with wealth and paradise of sun and palm trees.
Steven Spielberg is a US film director, writer and producer. His credits include phenomenal box-office successes as Jaws, Jurassic Park. He also directed Indiana Jones the Temple of Doom for which he received Academy Awards for Best Film and Best Director.
P2 – There are a lot of famous film companies: 20th Century Fox, Warner Brothers, Paramount Pictures, Universal Pictures, Columbia Pictures, Castle Rock Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (Metro Goldwyn Mayer, MGM), Red Square Studios, Hollywood, Destination Films, Walt Disney Productions, Edison Studios, Summit Entertainment.
Twentieth Century Fox is a US film production company, formed in 1935. The company made high-quality films and it is still a major studio. Recent successes include the Star Wars trilogy. MGM is a US film-production company . One of the most powerful Hollywood studios of 1930s-1950s, it produced such prestige film as David Copperfield and The Wizard of Oz. Among its stars were James Stewart and Elizabeth Taylor . Warner Bros is a US film-production company, founded in 1923 by Harry, Albert, Sam and Jack Warner . It became one of the major Hollywood studios after releasing the first talking film “The Jazz Singer”. Paramount is a US film-production and distribution company , founded in 1912 . A major studio from the silent days of the cinema , Paramount was adapt at discovering new talents and De Mille made many films for the studio. Columbia Pictures is a US film-production and distribution company , founded in 1924 . It grew out of a smaller company founded in 1920 by Harry Cohn. Columbia became a major studio by the 1940s . Universal is a US film studio founded in 1915. In the 1970s and 1980s Universal became one of the industry's leaders with box-office hits from the producer and director Steven Spielberg such as ET (1982) and Back to the Future (1985).
Presentation 2 ”Walt Disney’s World“.
P3 – To many people in our century Walt Disney means the word of cartoon. He has created a lot of cartoons and many longer films. He was born in Chicago on December 5,1901. When Walt grew up, he began to draw pictures and create cartoons and one day he had an idea to make a mouse a main character of the cartoons.
He saw this mouse character as a funny and friendly animal and who, in fact, could live like a man. He called him Mickey. In 1928 the audience saw Mickey Mouse on the screen for the first time. Mickey became very popular and soon Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse were famous stars. Then came other characters :Donald Duck, Pluto and many others. Disney has created a special animal word full of optimism and success. All of them are always clever.
One day an idea came to Disney. He wanted to create a special place, a special land for children and parents to have fun together. So he built Disneyland. Disneyland is in California near Los Angeles.
It is a place for children for all ages and for their parents to return to the world of childhood. At Disneyland you can have a voyage on a boat, you can take a train , you can travel to the stars, take a trip to the mountains, meet all Disney characters or just sit in the sun and eat ice-cream!
Dear friends, answer my questions.
1. Who built Disneyland?
2. When and where was Walt Disney born?
3. When did Walt begin to create cartoons?
4.Who is the main character of the cartoons?
5. When did the audience see Mickey Mouse on the screen for the first time?
6. Where is Disneyland situated?
7. What can you do in Disneyland?

Presentation 3 ”What do you know about an American cinematography?“
P4 – Look at the screen and answer my questions.

V. Работа на компьютерах. (Выполнение тестов. Подготовка к ЕГЭ)
Teacher: I want you to do some tests.
Учащиеся работают за компьютерами.
Test 1.
Yesterday you watched a film. You liked it. Send a massage to your friend and advise her (him) to watch it. Write 45-50 words. (8 minutes)

Test 2
Fill in the gaps with one suitable word: (10 minutes)
violence understanding learns commit influence scared connection dangerous watching hours
The (1) _________ of television on people’s behavior is great. Most young children watch TV for many (2)_______ every week. They watch it long before they have any real (3)_______of what they are (4)__________. They often watch programmes that are not meant for them/ they watch programmes that are meant for adults/ perhaps they stay up late and watch films containing violence. There is a lot of evidence to show that they are often harmed by seeing such things.
There is now more crime and (5) _________ in our society than ever before. Everyone is worried. Everyone is (6) ______to go out at night. These are (7)____________ times we live in. This is also the time when more and more people are watching violent films on television. Certainly there is a direct (8)_________ with street. For example, a child may see a bank robbery in a film. The child (9) ___________ from the film how to rob a bank. There have been many cases reported in the newspapers where such things have actually happened. Professor Ivor Mills (Cambridge University) has proved that many young people become too excited by violent films and when the film is over they go out and (10) ____________ criminal acts.


Test 3 Teacher: Match the names of the films in English and in Russian. Name the director and when the film was shot.
Example: The Film “Star Wars“ was directed by John Lucas. It was released in 1977.

Ответы: 1 - d, 2 -c , 3 – f, 4 – h, 5 – i, 6 – e, 7 – k, 8 – b, 9 – j, 10 – a, 11 – g

VI. Подведение итогов.
Teacher: In conclusion I would say that all of you worked hard. I am satisfied with your work. And give you only good and excellent marks. Thank you.
Итоговая таблица

VII. Домашнее задание. Topic “My favourite American films”
Teacher: Our lesson is over. Good buy, my friends. Class; Good buy!
Приложение 1.
Приложение 2.
Приложение 3.
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